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The European Digital Single Market, one of the main goals of Europe 2020, is still fragmented due to language barriers. European society is multilingual, the diversity of its cultural heritage is an opportunity, but hampers transborder eCommerce, social communication and exchange of (cultural) content. Languages without sufficient technological support will become marginalised. These barriers must be overcome by language technology (LT) like Machine Translation (MT) solutions, a need recognized by the future Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). To support these endeavours to reach an online EU internal market free of language barriers, it is necessary to join, benchmark the quality and facilitate the access to language resources.

Moreover, you can now visit LT Observe, the platform for practical information on language resources and EU policies for the multilingual Digital Single Market. The platform for practical information on language resources and EU, national and regional policies and strategies for the multilingual Digital Single Market.


España, Madrid, Centro de convenciones IFEMA NORTE, Room F.

The purpose of this workshop is to draw attention to the potential benefits of the conjunction of Open Data and Language Processing Technologies; and address it societal, economic, legal and technical challenges.

The message: Combining Open Data and Language Processing Technologies is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Impact session
If you are interested in this workshop, you may be also interested in the impact session “Data + Language Technologies” that will take place the day after (Thursday, October 6, 17:00 – 17:45) on the same subject. Attendance is free. More information here: http://opendatacon.org/agenda/

Sevilla (Spain)

Venue: Sevilla 
Date: 30th November 2016 
Time: 17.00 – 19.00 h

LTO will organise its Final Workshop at the event (Programme)

The Observatory for Language Resources (LR) and Machine Translation (MT) in Europe (http://www.lt-innovate.org/lt-observe) derives from the need expressed by multilingual solution providers (enterprises and researchers) to have better access to more usable language resources (LRs), together with the more general need to make available large amounts of content and data that are currently untapped due to language barriers, leading to a loss of economic opportunities. The LT-Observatory aims at making LRs more accessible to and usable by users of machine translation in public and commercial services. In parallel, LT strategies at national and regional level were investigated and funding sources identified that provide windows of opportunity for LT projects.

The LTO session will present the practical results of the project, i.e. tools and on-line information for the benefits of all involved in LT/MT and that will be maintained after the project end. These include: 

  • A language resources catalogue, annotated LRs for commercial and other purpose. 
  • On-line guide to national and regional funding opportunities.
  • The MT EcoGuide: Practical steps for LT developers and users, and recommendations to decision-makers in easy-to-consume modules.