Ontdek wie we zijn?

ZABALA Innovation Consulting

Coordinator. Spanish SME, over 170 employees, having a wide experience in supporting entities in the management of their RTD and innovation activities, as well as in technology transfer projects and activities. It is a consolidated RTD and Innovation consultancy firm working across Europe on these fields since 1986. It currently provides consultancy services related to RTD and innovation management to a portfolio of 600 organisations including SMEs, big companies, RTD centres, universities and public organizations.

European Multimedia Forum

Forum of e-Excellence, it is the European cross-stakeholders' network promoting excellence in the digital economy. EMF gathers a broad network of stakeholders in the digital economy (large companies and SMEs, research organisations, business associations and clusters, individual experts). Thus, EMF represents the true engines of the digital economy, comprising more than 15.000 ICT-related entities throughout Europe and the world.


Forum for Europe’s Language Technology industry, established as a result of the LT COMPASS project. They represent companies, involved in developing products using intelligent content, speech and translation technologies and count a membership of 180+ LT suppliers in 25 countries.

Clarin ERIC

CLARIN is the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure. CLARIN aims at providing the research community with easy and sustainable access to digital language data and advanced tools as services. To this end CLARIN ERIC is in the process of building a networked federation of European data repositories, service centres and centres of expertise. Tools and data from different centres will be interoperable, so that data collections can be combined and tools from different sources can be chained to perform complex operations to support researchers in their work.

University of Vienna

Involving their research team in multilingual terminologies, standardized vocabularies, classification systems and computational ontologies and their development and use in different domains, machine translation and related language technologies, cognitive informatics, business informatics, legal informatics, multilingual and multimodal content management, multilingual data/content analytics and localization.